To celebrate the release of our new single 'Crosseyed', we've built a tool which allows you to remix the track in your browser. Get stuck in below, if you want hear original track, stream or download it on our bandcamp.

Audio not looping smoothly? Adjust the overlay:


Hi there, sorry about this..

We've got a really cool toy to show you where you can remix our new single in your browser. Unfortunately, mobile devices don't currently support the clever bits it needs to work.

If you can, try this site ( on a P.C. or laptop (we promise it's worth it!).

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Hi there, Internet Explorer user

Unfortunately, your browser doesn't support web audio very well. Expect odd behavior.

For the best experience, try this site in Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox (we promise it's worth it!).

Understood, I want to try it in IE anyway

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